December 26, 2015

Show 16: (Repeated Show: 9)– Robert Hastings, UFO Expert– A complete Threshold Radio Show

For those of us who have wondered all their lives about the meaning of the UFOs experience- from the standpoint of their basic reality to the manifold alleged components of their manifestation on Earth- whether crashes, alien bodies, alien contact, cattle mutilations or crop circles, Robert Hastings has added a very critical and credible dimension to our understanding. He has done this through his reporting research in articles, his historical press conference at the National Press Club and his extraordinary book, UFOs and Nukes, chronicling his painstaking acquisition of military witnesses to event surrounding the world’s nuclear weapons facilities, particularly […]
October 31, 2015

Show 8 – Ray Boylan, Author of West Side Warrior- Complete Threshold Radio Show

Johnny Blue Star presents an interview with the author of “West Side Warrior”, a fascinating glimpse into the life and times of Ray Boylan, a Korean War Veteran and crime fighter, who enlisted in the US Marines when he was fifteen. The story of how he enlisted, somewhat against the rules, at the tender age of 15 but managed to be grandfathered in legally, is fully recounted in his memoir. In this interview, he touches on his membership in a youth gang, The Panthers, which, like others in Manhattan during this time, disguised themselves as football teams during the day, […]