July 2, 2016

Show 34: “Who’s Minding the Planet? Part 2”- with Songwriters Zave Nathan and Bonnie Blazak

Threshold Radio presents Part II of a series of shows called, “Who’s Minding the Planet?” featuring the insightful and creative composer, musician, songwriter, Zave Nathan, and his wife, Bonnie Blazak who collaborates as a highly talented lyricist on his songs. This is a hard-hitting program, but it also gives us a peak into a powerful and fun creative collaborations, producing songs with meaning and impact. The discussion is based on how Zave and Bonnie found themselves compelled to question the puzzling and destructive way circumstances on this planet are being handled. In the early part of this show, Zave and […]
December 19, 2015

Show 15: (Repeated Show 1)- Patty Greer- Crop Circle Mysteries- Threshold’s Complete Premier Show

This is a two hour show featuring Patty Greer, one of the most exciting adventurers on our planet. Patty was a singer and songwriter, musician and composer- who because of a serious injury- basically left her career to explore the mysterious phenomena of crop circles. To this end, Patty turned to film making and has created six films so far presenting a still, largely unknown subject to a global audience. These crop circles go far beyond arbitrary geometric symbols but seem to indicate a conscious attempt to communicate with something akin to cryptograms. They also seem to be sites for […]
October 24, 2015

Show 7 – A Galaxy of Song, Featuring the Astounding Stephanie Slevin – A Threshold Special Program

Threshold Radio continues with another special presentation of Bridge of Light Production’s showcase of musical talent throughout the world, this time focusing on an emerging singer/songwriter, Stephanie Slevin from the U.K. This program, A Galaxy of Song,” includes many of Stephanie’s original creations, tracing her dramatic, career as an emerging songwriter. Songs include her funny, but bittersweet, “I Know You Love Me the Most,” that has achieved heavy rotation in stations throughout the world; “Dublin,” an account of JFK’s visit to the famous city when Stephanie was a mere toddler; “Gifted,” a tribute the great blues singer and songwriter, Robert […]
October 3, 2015

Show 4 – “Evolution of a Singer” with Patricia Welch -Complete Threshold Broadcast

“Evolution of a Singer” chronicles the extraordinary career and musical contributions of Patricia Welch. Beginning with a discussion of the Star Spangled Banner, which she sang for both President Clinton and President Ford (as well as in Dodger Stadium), Johnny Blue Star and Patricia Welch discuss the sacred foundations of America based on the vision of our founding fathers. Patricia’s life was based on a desire to express herself in song, but also a desire to serve. Magical moments of contact spurred her onto a Broadway career, brought her to work with Yul Brynner, performing over 2000 shows in last […]
September 26, 2015

Show 3 – Threshold’s Complete Broadcast With Zave Nathan and Bonnie Blazak

Zave Nathan came to this country from Paris with the intention of becoming a rock and roll sensation and a Hollywood actor. But the reality of Hollywood, as projected to the world, was not the same as he anticipated and it took years to begin to face the reality. Even so, his career was interrupted when he accepted his obligation to raise his children in a stable and nurturing environment. After this period of his life was over, he returned to his love of music, eventually collaborating with his now wife and songwriting partner, Bonnie Blazak. Embarked now on a […]