November 21, 2015

Show 11 – Sandra LaFlamme in CONSCIOUS SALES – Complete Threshold Broadcast

Sandra LaFlamme, a luxury home real estate expert, but also widely experienced in a variety of sales programs presents “The LaFlamme Advanced Communication Training.” Her initial focus with this special program is on “Conscious Sales,” a comprehensive way of blending true spirituality, modern cognitive science and selling with integrity and profitability. The slogan for this new sales platform and forthcoming book is “Maximizing Sales Through Self-Transformation” and involves an emphasis on authenticity, integrity and true product knowledge, but also internal goal setting, empathy and mindfulness and other elements of spirituality in its pursuit a truly client-based sales system.  Sandra explains […]
October 10, 2015

Show 5 – Crisis Investing In Real Estate with Sandra LaFlamme- Complete Threshold Broadcast

Sandra LaFlamme, Author, Speaker, Real Estate Expert and Luxury Home Realtor is featured in the first part of our series in CRISIS INVESTING. The “Crisis” topic is Real Estate and Sandra, with extensive experience in helping a wide variety of homeowners- from affluent mature homeowners to retirees and millennials- talks about investing in crises like currency collapse, hyperinflation and extreme devaluation on the dollar as well as catastrophes like fires, earthquakes, flooding, riots and military incursions. She also touches on a new system of conscious sales training, postulating the potential for a genuine spiritual approach to sales. In this broadcast, […]