January 16, 2016

SHOW 19: MY FANTASY PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN- Johnny Blue Star’s Imaginary Political Platform

Having been rather disappointed by the current political debates in both parties, Johnny Blue Star takes a descent into the rough-and-tumble game of political make believe. What would it be like, for instance, if we actually became a working representative Republic again, recreated in the spirit of the Founding Fathers? How could this happen in the first place? Further, how could we create a foundation for the growing of an enlightened and informed citizenry in the Age of the Internet. In this extensive interview with attorney/novelist, Ken Eade, and determined political commentator, Rod Tyler, Johnny unveils his idea of campaign […]
November 28, 2015

Show 12: Interview with Novelist Kenneth Eade with a Special Focus on GMOs

Kenneth Eade returns to discuss the widespread destructiveness of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)- in his novel, “The Involuntary Spy,” part of his Espionage Thriller Series as well as the planetary and human threat based of the irresponsible and unregulated propagation of GMOs. In the series which features a scientist, Seth Rogan, whose conscience forces him into opposition a multi-billion dollar world-wide agri-business that has provided him with job security, enviable benefits and a great professional future. This opposition to a company whose efforts to cover-up their dangerous products parallels the real world in which the potential and even lethal consequences […]