February 27, 2016

Show 25: TREMORS ON WALL STREET, Can We Save the U.S. Economy?Complete Threshold Radio Show

This program, “Tremors on Wall Street- Can We Save the U.S. Economy?” features a Round Table Discussion with Threshold Radio Host, Johnny Blue Star; Novelist/Attorney Kenneth Eade and Sarah Westall, Host and Producer of Business Game Changers on Conscious Business Radio- inspired by the Novel, Terror on Wall Street, by Kenneth Eade and his father, Gordon L. Eade. The book itself is metafiction, combining a fictional narrative about a special economics class developed by Professor Harry Mason, designed to create a plan to save the U. S. Economy and present it to the Senate Finance Committee with a terror attack […]
February 13, 2016

Show 23: WHAT ABOUT MY OWN BUSINESS? Complete Threshold Show with Attorney Charles “Rick” Perry

This clear and articulate interview with Rick Perry clearly delineates many of the legal foundations that serve as a platform for properly opening a business of your own. It goes into the simple matter of obtaining a business license, registering a fictional name and filing with the appropriate Secretary of State to the more weighty matter of choosing the kind of appropriate business entity you need to the proper way to inspect, sign and create agreements to properly move your business forward. As an entrepreneur himself (logging nine years into a successful restaurant venture) and after handling numerous small business […]
January 16, 2016

SHOW 19: MY FANTASY PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN- Johnny Blue Star’s Imaginary Political Platform

Having been rather disappointed by the current political debates in both parties, Johnny Blue Star takes a descent into the rough-and-tumble game of political make believe. What would it be like, for instance, if we actually became a working representative Republic again, recreated in the spirit of the Founding Fathers? How could this happen in the first place? Further, how could we create a foundation for the growing of an enlightened and informed citizenry in the Age of the Internet. In this extensive interview with attorney/novelist, Ken Eade, and determined political commentator, Rod Tyler, Johnny unveils his idea of campaign […]
October 10, 2015

Show 5 – Crisis Investing In Real Estate with Sandra LaFlamme- Complete Threshold Broadcast

Sandra LaFlamme, Author, Speaker, Real Estate Expert and Luxury Home Realtor is featured in the first part of our series in CRISIS INVESTING. The “Crisis” topic is Real Estate and Sandra, with extensive experience in helping a wide variety of homeowners- from affluent mature homeowners to retirees and millennials- talks about investing in crises like currency collapse, hyperinflation and extreme devaluation on the dollar as well as catastrophes like fires, earthquakes, flooding, riots and military incursions. She also touches on a new system of conscious sales training, postulating the potential for a genuine spiritual approach to sales. In this broadcast, […]