February 27, 2016

Show 25: TREMORS ON WALL STREET, Can We Save the U.S. Economy?Complete Threshold Radio Show

This program, “Tremors on Wall Street- Can We Save the U.S. Economy?” features a Round Table Discussion with Threshold Radio Host, Johnny Blue Star; Novelist/Attorney Kenneth Eade and Sarah Westall, Host and Producer of Business Game Changers on Conscious Business Radio- inspired by the Novel, Terror on Wall Street, by Kenneth Eade and his father, Gordon L. Eade. The book itself is metafiction, combining a fictional narrative about a special economics class developed by Professor Harry Mason, designed to create a plan to save the U. S. Economy and present it to the Senate Finance Committee with a terror attack […]
February 20, 2016

Show 24: THE CASE FOR REINCARNATION BY A POLICE DETECTIVE,Robert’s Snow Search For A Past Identity!

If you have ever wondered about the possibility of reincarnation, Robert Snow, author of “Portrait of A Past Life Skeptic,” could put you on the edge of your seat. After serving as an Indianapolis homicide detective, Captain Robert Snow became Commander of the Homicide Division in this large city, reducing the homicide astronomically over the duration of his assignment. This interview presents a very good glimpse of one of the most comprehensive and successful validations of a hypnotic regression as further documented in Snow’s compelling book. To listen to our shows live, visit www.ThresholdRadio.com and tune in to Threshold Radio […]
February 13, 2016

Show 23: WHAT ABOUT MY OWN BUSINESS? Complete Threshold Show with Attorney Charles “Rick” Perry

This clear and articulate interview with Rick Perry clearly delineates many of the legal foundations that serve as a platform for properly opening a business of your own. It goes into the simple matter of obtaining a business license, registering a fictional name and filing with the appropriate Secretary of State to the more weighty matter of choosing the kind of appropriate business entity you need to the proper way to inspect, sign and create agreements to properly move your business forward. As an entrepreneur himself (logging nine years into a successful restaurant venture) and after handling numerous small business […]
January 23, 2016


Johnny Blue Star Interviews The Host and Producer of Business Game Changers on Conscious Business Radio. Sarah Westall has devoted her life as an entrepreneur, business consultant and adjunct professor in business school- to understand disruptive technology, paradigm shifts and big issues facing government and commercial enterprises. In this interview, Sarah addresses the huge changes in the newspaper, book publishing and music industry as well as the effects of government surveillance, lack of transparency, so-called “enhanced interrogation and suppression of the press on our culture and our future. She points out the huge choices we face in dealing with these […]
November 28, 2015

Show 12: Interview with Novelist Kenneth Eade with a Special Focus on GMOs

Kenneth Eade returns to discuss the widespread destructiveness of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)- in his novel, “The Involuntary Spy,” part of his Espionage Thriller Series as well as the planetary and human threat based of the irresponsible and unregulated propagation of GMOs. In the series which features a scientist, Seth Rogan, whose conscience forces him into opposition a multi-billion dollar world-wide agri-business that has provided him with job security, enviable benefits and a great professional future. This opposition to a company whose efforts to cover-up their dangerous products parallels the real world in which the potential and even lethal consequences […]