June 17, 2016

SHOW 26: MY FANTASY PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN- Johnny Blue Star’s Imaginary Political Platform

Having been rather disappointed by the current political debates in both parties, Johnny Blue Star takes a descent into the rough-and-tumble game of political make believe. What would it be like, for instance, if we actually became a working representative Republic again, recreated in the spirit of the Founding Fathers? How could this happen in the first place? Further, how could we create a foundation for the growing of an enlightened and informed citizenry in the Age of the Internet. In this extensive interview with attorney/novelist, Ken Eade, and determined political commentator, Rod Tyler, Johnny unveils his idea of campaign […]
February 6, 2016


This show begins with a tribute to Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon but also a pioneer in Consciousness Research and the founder of the the Institute for Noetic Sciences. It features a clip from his discussion of his mystical experience on his trip back from the moon to Earth and a new song by Johnny Blue Star and Stephanie Slevin inspired by that profound experience. Sarah Westall, our guest, is a brilliant, enthusiastic researcher, broadcaster and expert in the area of disruptive technology as well as a successful consultant with a strong background in computer […]
January 30, 2016

Show 21: “I Talk With Angels”-Johnny Blue Star Interviews Singer/Songwriter Stephanie Slevin

Threshold Radio continues with another special presentation of Bridge of Light Production’s showcase of musical talent throughout the world- with our second focus on an emerging singer/songwriter, Stephanie Slevin from the U.K. This program, “I Talk With Angels,” the title of this show is also a title of a song, which along with another song, “My Pretty Shoes,” explains the source of manyof Stephanie’s work- an interchange between angelic voices and the soulsof the deceased. Much of Stephanie’s inspiration comes from her overcoming obstacles from a seriously abused childhood bolstered at the time by the loving attention and enduring care […]
January 9, 2016


Discussion of first amendment, discussing freedom of religion as a human right and freedom of the speech. Ken talks about his new novel, the Spy Files- and how a reporter seeking Freedom of Information files is put on a watch list.  Right to bear arms, particularly in the area of Posse Comitatus, which protects citizens from the military taking over domestic police, and more recent gun control regulations, is making many wary of the dilution of the 2nd Amendment. The Fourth Amendment and the 8th Amendment with their respective implication on surveillance and torture issues are discussed in detail. Issues […]
December 19, 2015

Show 15: (Repeated Show 1)- Patty Greer- Crop Circle Mysteries- Threshold’s Complete Premier Show

This is a two hour show featuring Patty Greer, one of the most exciting adventurers on our planet. Patty was a singer and songwriter, musician and composer- who because of a serious injury- basically left her career to explore the mysterious phenomena of crop circles. To this end, Patty turned to film making and has created six films so far presenting a still, largely unknown subject to a global audience. These crop circles go far beyond arbitrary geometric symbols but seem to indicate a conscious attempt to communicate with something akin to cryptograms. They also seem to be sites for […]