Our Mission

In my very first show, I tried to explain the purpose of our show and the mission of Threshold Radio. This is what I said:

“Hi, my name is Johnny Blue Star and I am your host on what I hope will be for you a remarkable experience in developing your awareness of yourself and the world around you. As the Intro stated, we postulate it is possible for human consciousness to commune and even collaborate with the Divine in our search for purpose and meaning in our lives. We call the gateway experience to this wondrous component of human consciousness, the Threshold- but we ask you not to be too rigid about higher consciousness labels and definitions because it comes in many colors and flavors. As has been stated most articulately, “There are many rooms in my Father’s mansion.” Still, despite the limitations of language, labels are sometimes useful, even nurturing, if you don’t take them too seriously.”

The experience of Divine often leads to a sense of purpose, a feeling that one has been put here for a mission, a specific goal or set of goals defining their own human experience. This sense of mission is one important component of transformation

Our goal is to convey this possibility for transformation. Often people who approach the Threshold or pass through it to much higher awareness have indications of their journey long before they experience higher consciousness. As the recently deceased Wayne Dyer, a very helpful influence in my life, has pointed out, the first component might be a kind of benign obsession- a strong, almost unarguable compulsion to be an entrepreneur, to work in a certain type of profession, to be an artist, singer or writer- even when is still immersed in what you might call “ordinary consciousness.” This desire then- is a kind of beacon for the future.

Another indication, most importantly when accompanied by a consciousness of the Divine, would be when this inner prompting is reinforced by strange, seemingly unusual coincidences- sometimes small, sometimes momentous. Carl Jung made the term, synchronicity, popular- to describe these miraculous circumstances.

“Spiritual awareness or awareness of the Divine Presence, in my belief, leads to a point where one realizes- in experience, not belief- that human consciousness is, indeed, a drop in the ocean of a vast, benign, intelligent consciousness, which we can experience on Earth, when and if we are ready. Threshold, the radio show, is meant to facilitate the development and deepening of that awareness.”